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Introduction to King WhatsApp Apk

King WhatsApp is one of the modded versions of WhatsApp. King WhatsApp has way better features than regular WhatsApp. Features like locking or hiding WhatsApp chats, extended character limits in status, download status, sending large files, and many more.

WhatsApp is a very helpful communication network for us. The app WhatsApp was created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. The app was released on February 24, 2009. There are 2 billion users of WhatsApp worldwide. We can chat through this app with our friends and family. We can share a lot of things with this application. The privacy in WhatsApp is great.

However, there are some features that WhatsApp doesn’t support and for that users are not liking it. To put a smile on the face of users, King WhatsApp has come to rule. King WhatsApp is a modded version of regular WhatsApp and it has some exciting features that regular WhatsApp didn’t have. If you also want to enjoy the features of King WhatsApp then download it on your device.

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What is King WhatsApp Apk v34.00?

We are very familiar with the application WhatsApp and at this time every app has its modded version. And it also happened with this app. As there are numerous modded versions of WhatsApp which are roaming around the internet.

Now, we are going to talk about one of the modded versions of WhatsApp which is King WhatsApp. This King WhatsApp has come to rule in our hearts. This app was developed by Ahmed Al-Sarmani based on WhatsApp Plus.

This app has some great and unique features in it and it is way better than the regular WhatsApp. Features like locking or hiding your chats, auto-messaging, sending large files, etc. More features will blow your mind. Read the article to know more about King WhatsApp APK v34.00.

What are the features of King WhatsApp v34.00?

Lock or Hide your WhatsApp chats

Privacy is always important in your life. You need some private space to talk with someone. As you don’t want your private message to be seen by someone. So, in King WhatsApp, you can hide or lock the messages so no one can see your WhatsApp chat.

New Audio Feature

A new audio feature is included in King WhatsApp. In the regular WhatsApp, you have to record your audio at one time. If any mistake happens then you have to cancel the recording and record a new one. But, now in the King WhatsApp, you can pause your recording and then again start recording

Translate the chat option

If someone sends a message in a different language then it is a lengthy process as you have to go to Google and translate the message. But, in King WhatsApp, there is a direct translation icon in your chat which gives you access to all major languages of the world.

Switch between five different accounts

This is one of the very exciting features that King WhatsApp is giving. You can create five different accounts and use them in a single application. You can switch between those accounts during your chat. You only have one account in the one registered phone number. So, you need to have five registered phone numbers to operate all those five accounts.

Share Large Files

In King WhatsApp, you can share large files. In the regular WhatsApp, you can send 30 images at once but in the King WhatsApp, you can send 90 images at once. You can now share a 30MB video in this app as in the regular WhatsApp you can share video at a limit of 15MB.

Share your location with a single click

You can now share your location with your friends and family in King WhatsApp with a single tap. So, wherever you are, whatever you do, just a single click and you can share your location with your friends and family.

Voice Change option

This is one of the very interesting features of King WhatsApp as this feature will make your chat more fun. As you change your voice tone in a built-in option that has many different voices such as the female voice, muscular voice, baby voice, male voice, etc.

Status download

If you loved a status while watching the status of your contact but you don’t know from where your contact has taken the video. Now, in King WhatsApp you can download the status, and if you want you can take that video into your status.

Do not disturb mode

Now, King WhatsApp supports DND mode, which is Do not Disturb mode. This mode allows you to disconnect the app even though you are connected to the internet. So, you will not get any WhatsApp messages until you disable this mode.


Tired of the same old WhatsApp look? King WhatsApp has got you covered with endless UI customization options! From changing themes to customizing icons and home screens, you’re free to make your WhatsApp experience truly your own. Don’t like something? Change it with KI WhatsApp.

Send Large media files

Do you find yourself frustrated by the limitations of official WhatsApp? Tired of having your large media files compressed, or not being able to send certain types of files? With KI WhatsApp, those days are over! Unlike the official version, KI WhatsApp allows you to send videos in full quality and photos in HD. No more grainy, low-resolution images! Plus, you can send any type of file up to 55 MB, whether it’s a PDF, DOC, or something else entirely.

Increase in Status Upload video

In the regular WhatsApp at once you can share a 30-second-long video on your status. If your video is 1 minute long then your video will split into two statuses.  However, in King WhatsApp APK, the length of the video in status gets longer. You can share videos in status 7 minutes long. So, you will not face any worries about the cut of your video as you can upload your status video for 7 minutes. 

Anti-Delete Messages

If someone sends you a message and then your contact suddenly deletes the message. Your contact doesn’t want to tell you what message was sent to you and you are curious to know. However, if you have King WhatsApp APK you can also watch the deleted messages of your contact. So, you don’t have to be worried as if your contact deletes the message you still see the message. 

Free to Download

Unlike other mods of Whatsapp available on the internet, Our modded King WhatsApp APK is completely free to download and use.

Additional Features of King WhatsApp Apk v34.00

The app is free to download on your device

You can direct messages to the users through the app

With King WhatsApp, you can now zoom the profile images of your contacts.

Most WhatsApp mods contain advertisements, but this app didn’t contain any advertisements

You can now pin 100 chats in King WhatsApp.

King WhatsApp has a User-friendly interface.

You can also see the status of your contact without being visible to them.

You can now send messages to yourself to keep important notes.

Pros and Cons of King WhatsApp Apk v34.00


⦿ This application is free of cost to download on your device.

⦿ King WhatsApp is ads-free so there will be no ads after sending three messages.

⦿ All the bugs were fixed in the King WhatsApp.

⦿ You can use stickers and emojis both.

⦿ King WhatsApp is safe and secure. So, there is no worry about the security of the app.


⦿ This app is not available on Google Play Store. So, you have to download it from any third-party website. Sometimes, it is harmful for your device to download from a third-party website.

⦿ These types of apps contain malware viruses which are also harmful to your device. 3. It contains heavy load time.

⦿ There is always a high chance of getting banned from your account in this type of app.

Download All Four Versions of King WhatsApp Apk []

king whatsapp apk

Download King Whatsapp Gold

Download King WhatsApp Gold from the below button

Version: 34.00

Size: 123.12MB

king whatsapp apk

Download King Whatsapp Green

Download King WhatsApp Green from the below button

Version: 34.00

Size: 123.12 MB

king whatsapp apk

Download Queen Whatsapp (QUWhatsApp)

Download Queen WhatsApp Pink from the below button

Version: 34.00

Size: 123.12 MB

How to Download and Install King WhatsApp?

  • First of all, backup all your Whatsapp data to avoid data loss. To do so go to the Settings>Chat Backup>Backup.
  • Now download the KI Whatsapp Apk or King WhatsApp from the link given above on this page.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and enable it.
  • Click on the install button. It takes some time to install the app.
  • After installing the apk click on the open button and allow the permissions required.
  • Login with your Whatsapp account and enjoy!
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Yes this app is completely safe and secure, this is our official website. Make sure that you have downloaded it from the official website to avoid bugs and malware in the app. 

No, there is no ban issue. We have fixed all the loopholes in this app to prevent such bans. If you are still experiencing this issue, please try reinstalling the app.

Once the update is available, you will receive a notification. To download the latest version of KI Whatsapp, visit and search for the update. You can directly install the latest version without having to install the old version first. Installing the old version before the latest one could result in data loss.

No, there is no difference between KIWhatsApp and King WhatsApp. Both are the same apps, but some people refer to it as King WhatsApp while others call it KIWhatsApp. So it’s completely up to you how you prefer to address it. The features remain the same in this app.

Absolutely! You will find over 3000 captivating themes in King WhatsApp. Explore the remarkable collection available in the Ki WhatsApp theme store, where you can effortlessly download and apply them. With the freedom to change themes daily, your WhatsApp experience will feel refreshingly new and exciting every single day.

Yes, it’s possible to transfer your chats from standard WhatsApp to King Whatsapp. Use the in-built chat migration feature during the setup process.

You can back up your King Whatsapp chats to your device’s storage or a cloud service. Navigate to “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat backup” to configure your backup settings.

Currently, King Whatsapp only supports one device per phone number. However, there are workarounds to use it on multiple devices simultaneously.

King Whatsapp Apk v32.00 is the latest version of King Whatsapp.



The way of communication has been changed by WhatsApp as you feel closer to your friends and family by chatting with them on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is known for its privacy as all the chats were end-to-end encrypted. Even WhatsApp can’t even read your chats. So, the privacy level is top-notch. But, some features are there in the normal WhatsApp that are not liked by the users. So, the users used to switch their interests on the mod version of WhatsApp.

There are many mod versions of WhatsApp and one of the mod versions of WhatsApp is King WhatsApp. Just by its name, this application has come to rule. As its awesome features have conquered our hearts and this application is way better than the regular WhatsApp. It has the features like locking or hiding the chats as with this feature you can lock or hide chats so no one can easily see your chats, you can now share your location by pressing one tap if someone sends you a message in a different language you easily translate it in the app, if you love someone’s status then you can download that status.

With all these features it proves that this mod version of the app is better than the regular version of the app. If you suffer any problems in the app then you can get help from the services of King WhatsApp and they are 24/7 for you. If you want to enjoy the features of King WhatsApp then you have to download it on your device. Download King WhatsApp and enjoy the app.